Gayfeather-Liatris spicata

Liatris spicata- Gayfeather

LGS Notes: Liatris spicata, commonly known as gayfeather or blazing star, is a deer resistant native perennial. It likes full sun and attracts birds, bees, and butterflies. It also works well in rain gardens, drought conditions and clay soil. They establish pretty well in meadow and pollinator garden setting and have striking blooms. They look nice with black eyed Susan, purple coneflower and ‘Mercury Rising’ tickseed.  There is also a cultivar of liatris called ‘Kobold’, which only grows to be 2 feet tall, and is much more compact than the straight species.

Latin Name: Liatris spicata
Common Name: Gayfeather, blazing star
Type: Herbaceous perennial
Family: Asteraceae
Native Range: Eastern United States
Zone: 3 to 8
Height: 2.00 to 4.00 feet
Spread: 0.75 to 1.50 feet
Bloom Time: July to August
Bloom Description: Red-purple
Sun: Full sun
Water: Medium
Maintenance: Low
Suggested Use: Rain Garden
Flower: Showy, Good Cut, Good Dried
Attracts: Birds, Butterflies
Tolerate: Drought, Clay Soil
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