Location, Location, Location

“Yes, location, location, location is just as true for healthy gardens as it is for real estate!”

shade garden

It’s very important for the health of your garden that your plants are placed in the proper location. A shade loving plant that gets too much sun will be more susceptible to pests and diseases. Similarly, if a plant says it requires full sunlight, then it needs to be in a location that receives 6 continuous hours of direct sunlight a day.

Sunlight and shade aren’t the only factors when it comes to location.  Soil drainage is also an issue.  If a plant requires well-drained soil it can’t be planted directly in clay soil that does not drain! To improve soil drainage dig a hole twice as large as the plant needs and work compost, leaf compost, manure or peat into the existing soil before planting.  Conversely, some plants, like water iris and cattails, are suitable for moist soils.

Choose your garden location just as carefully as you choose your plants!