Weed Control

“One persons weed is another person’s flower.”


But if you want to keep those unwanted flowers from visiting your garden, you’ll need to take control!  {Or, you can always hire Lauren’s Garden Service to do the job for you.}

It’s always best to start early in the season for weed control. Newly formed beds will be weedier for the first couple of years until weed suppression is established. For a newly formed bed apply a layer of mulch BEFORE the weeds start growing in early spring. Then spot weed once a week as weeds come up. Keeping up with the weeds helps eliminate their spreading by way of seed disbursement. In an established bed it doesn’t take as long to maintain weeds- as long as you keep up with it!

In addition to mulch application, edging the bed helps the spreading of grass and weeds into your garden bed. Each early spring edge your garden beds and apply mulch- this will go a long way in weed prevention!

A key thing to remember is to make sure you get the root when pulling weeds out.   If they’re just chopped off at ground level they’ll regrow and be stronger!  A hori hori (available on gardenshoponline.com) is a great Japanese garden tool for getting the roots of weeds out easily.

And most importantly– Never let weeds go to seed! One seedy weed can cause 7 years of future weeding.

For more details on natural weed control, download our e-book here!