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Sep 11, 2019 | Blog, Projects

Rockville Rain Garden, Native Landscape and Pondless Water Feature

Before and after of a large rain gardenLauren’s Garden Service installed this 650 square foot rain garden at this Rockville home, as well as new native gardens all around the house, and a pondless water feature.  Our client recently moved to Maryland from out of state, and was looking to create a native landscape to offer beneficial plantings for wildlife and to diversify her property. The goal was to use natives, but keep the beds from looking wild. We also wanted to collect the large amount of water that comes from the neighboring property and into the yard towards the house. The water would sit in the area and drain over night.

Lauren talked with the client about goals, walked around the property and took photos and developed a design. The crew came and removed 12 inches of soil out of the area so that water would collect in the rain garden. They added compost, graded a few berms to help slow the flow of the water moving and added a dry river bed for design purposes and to allow the water to move through without eroding the soil. The client was able to get a rebate from the Rockville Rainscapes program for conservation landscaping.

‘Olympic Fire’ Mountain Laurel – Kalmia latifolia
Coastal Leucothoe- Leucothoe axillaris
‘Tiny Wine’ Ninebark – Physocarpus opulifolius
False indigo- Baptisia australis
Dwarf gayfeather- Liatris microcephala
Threadleaf Bluestar – Amsonia hubrechtii
‘Mercury Rising’ Tickseed – Coreopsis
Green and Golds – Chrysogonum virginianum
Blue Eyed Grass – Sisyrinchium angustifolium
‘Golden Fleece’ goldenrod- Solidago
‘October Skies’ Aster – Aster oblongifolius
‘Balmy Purple’ Bee Balm- Monarda didyma
Prairie Dropseed – Sporobolus heterolepis

The Water Feature:

Many clients like the idea of a pondless water feature so that there isn’t an open area of water with small children around. It can also be easier to clean out the water feature. You still get the nice sound of water with less fuss. In this water feature in Rockville, MD we built a few cascading waterfalls and a shallow area where water pools to attract wildlife.

Pondless water feature progress


Finished pondless water feature

The finished water feature.  We used a variety of river rock sizes and fieldstone to make the feature look natural.  Native shrubs, perennials, and trees were planted around it.

‘Autumn Brilliance’ Serviceberry – Amalanchier canadensis
Buttonbush – Cephalanthus occidentalis
Clethra ‘Ruby Spice’ – Clethra alnifolia
‘Little Henry’ sweet spire – Itea virginica
Threadleaf Blue star – Amsonia hubrechtii
Pennsylvania sedge – Carex pennsylvanica
‘Little Joe’ Joe Pye Weed – Eupatorium dubium
Gayfeather – Liatris spicata
‘Golden Fleece’ Goldenrod – Solidago sphacelata

We had a wonderful time working in this native, eco friendly, pollinator garden in Rockville. The client has a large stormwater BMP (rain garden) to help slow the flow and collect stormwater on her property plus a variety of native plants offering all year interest. We love to work with clients like this!

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