New Pathway and Rain Garden in Elkridge

Nov 19, 2018 | Blog, Projects

New Pathway and Rain Garden in Elkridge

This client had a steep slope that was too steep to mow. We did a design and planted a native wildflower garden that would tolerate deer and shade. We also installed a stepping stone pathway with flagstone and bluestone. There were drainage issues on the back side of the property so we accessed the area and designed and installed a rain garden. This project was in Elkridge, MD.

Irregular PA flagstone stepping stone pathway to the pool. This is a nice, inexpensive solution for a stone pathway and can be mowed over.

The rain garden was designed to collect the water that moves through the side of the property. It has plants that tolerate shade and deer.

Blue flag Iris- Iris versicolor
Swamp Milkweed- Asclepias incarnata
Turtlehead- Chelone glabra
Cardinal flower- Lobelia cardinalis
Prairie dropseed- Sporobolus heterolepsis


The pollinator meadow slope was planted with

Great blue lobelia- Lobelia siphilitica
Cardinal flower- Lobelia cardinalis
Evergreen wood fern- Dryopteris marginalis
Joe pye weed- Eupatorium maculatum
Turtle head- Chelone glabra
Cinnamon fern- Osmunda cinnamonea

The client stopped mowing and we planted the meadow plants in the existing grass so that the unmowed grass would protect the newly planted plants and outcompete the weeds. This slope should be weedwacked to a height of 8 inches in early spring, before March.

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