Deer and Shade Garden in West Friendship

Sep 10, 2019 | Blog, Projects

Deer and Shade Garden in West Friendship

For this project, our client wanted to fix up an area in their front yard that had a lot of erosion issues.  This slope was originally just pachysandra, and grass couldn’t grow because of water rushing down the slope during storms.  The client removed the pachysandra themselves. Our crew came in and installed a deer and shade garden with a French drain that was topped with river rock around the outside border of the bed. Boulders were mixed into the garden for visual interest and to stabilize.  As with any shade garden, Lauren selected a mix of different leaf colors and textures as well as something to offer interest year round.

Before and after of new slope plantings

What plants were used:

‘Brilliance’ Autumn Fern- Dryopteris erythrosora
‘Fanal’ False Spirea- Astilbe arendsii
White Wood Aster – Aster divaricata
‘Hot Lips’ turtlehead – Chelone lyonii
‘Evergold’ sedge – Carex ‘Evergold’
‘Blue Bunny’ Sedge – Carex ‘Blue Bunny’
Green and gold- Chrysogonum virginianum
Dolce Appletini’ Coral bells – Heuchera x ‘Appletini’
Coastal leucothoe – Leucothoe axillaris
Prostrate Yew – Cephalotaxus harringtonia

Slope plantings before and after

Deer and shade gardenWest friendship garden that tolerates deer and shade

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