Front Landscape Revamping

Jan 5, 2021 | Blog, Projects

Front Landscape Revamp in Columbia, MD

For this client in Columbia, we completely overhauled the front landscaping. The client requested an update to her landscape that included deer resistant, part sun and native plant selections. We had our stump grinder come in and cut down the shrubs and grind the stumps of the old plants. Then the crew loaded up all the debris and took it to the landfill for recycling. The new plantings, designed by Lauren, were planted with compost and then mulched.

Landscape Overhaul

Planted in this landscape:
Autumn Brilliance serviceberry
Shamrock inkberry holly
Green fernspray falsecypress
Scarletta leucothoe
Spilled Wine weigela
Henry’s Garnet sweetspire
Coreopsis ‘Mercury Rising’
Sisyrinchium ‘Lucerne’
Phlox subulata
Solidago ‘Little Lemon’
Aster oblongifolius ‘October Skies’



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