Looking to do the work yourself but don’t know where to start? Consider a consultation!

You can request an in person consultation through our estimate request page!  A consultation is different from an estimate in that a consultation includes detailed plant names and locations instead of a general estimate of what can be done. Consultations are charged by the hour and range from $85 to $225.

Lauren will come out to your home and walk your yard with you while offering you advice on what plants would be best in your yard.  She’ll offer ideas on the best plants based on your sun exposure, soil type, and moisture content, so that you know that what you are planting will thrive in those conditions.  You will then receive a written plan outline everything discussed during the site visit, including plant names and pictures (if relevant).

You can also request a consultation to help identify plants in your existing landscape and discuss a maintenance plan.

Landscape Design Consultation - Lauren's Garden Service Maryland