Maryland Native Trees: Pinus virginiana – Virginia Pine

Nov 9, 2023 | Blog, Native Plant Spotlight

Maryland Native Trees

Pinus virginiana – Virginia Pine

Pinus virginiana Virginia Pine


Pinus virginiana, Virginia Pine, is a host plant for various moth species including Wenzel’s Pitch-blister Moth and Eastern Pine Elfin. Virginia pine is a straggling, scrubby looking evergreen that is usually 15-40 ft. tall, becoming flat-topped with age. Outstretched limbs spring irregularly from the reddish-brown trunk. Cones are sharp to the touch due to prickly-like appendages. This is a short-needled tree with anΒ  open, broad, irregular crown of long spreading branches; often seen as a shrub.

Virginia Pine is used as pulpwood and lumber, it is hardier than most pines and suitable for planting in poor, dry areas. This evergreen pine is common in old and grassy fields on hills of the Piedmont. This plant grows rapidly and forms thickets. Valuable to birds for winter cover and food. A variety of wildlife including squirrels, rabbits, and deer use the cones as a food source.

Common Name: Virginia Pine or Scrub Pine
Type: Needled evergreen
Family: Pinaceae
Height: 30.00 to 60.00 feet
Spread: 20.00 to 40.00 feet
Bloom Time: April
Bloom Description: Non-flowering
Sun: Full sun
Water: Dry to Medium
Maintenance: Low
Leaf: Evergreen
Attracts: Birds
Fruit: Showy
Other: Winter Interest
Tolerate: Rabbit, Deer
(Information from Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and Missouri Botanical)

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