June Native Plant Nursery Update!

Celebrate these last few days of Spring by sprucing up your garden with plants or accessories from our nursery.  We have pollinator-friendly perennials, shrubs, and trees as well as a selection of annuals to add color and fill every niche of your garden.  Consider Little Henry or Henry’s Garnet sweetspire (Itea) if you’re looking for a bee-friendly shrub or butterfly weed for a sun-loving pop of orange that will attract the Monarch butterfly.  We also have three varieties of tickseed in bloom: mercury rising, zagreb, and American dream.  We have plenty in stock!

Asclepias tuberosa in bloom

Coreopsis ‘Mercury Rising’ in bloom

Coreopsis ‘Zagreb’ in bloom

Coreopsis ‘American Dream’ in bloom

Quart-sized perennials are $7, or 3 for $20, and gallons are $11, or 3 for $30.  Our annuals are $4 or 3 for $9 and we have gift certificates available, as well!

In addition, we have new garden accessory items in stock to help your garden stand out!  They include planters and bird baths from several makers and are various shapes, sizes, and materials.  Most notably our Errington Reay & Co. Ltd. planters are backed with a 10-year guarantee against frost damage if you register your product online.  They are built to last and provide a timeless, rustic charm.  Use these planters to bring the charms of the English garden to your landscape!

Other newly in-stock planters are made from glazed ceramics, wooden crates, and fiber-clay which provides a very durable, yet remarkably light-weight option.  We have fiber-clay planters in urn shapes for your formal garden, as well as flared square, round, and oval for more modern gardens.  These are ideal for planters that will be moved seasonally or more often.

Container Garden Design Tip from the Pros!

Planters can be arranged with a mix of perennials and annuals from our nursery to provide year-round interest around porches, patios, entrances, and other outdoor spaces.  Try the “thrill, fill, and spill” method for guaranteed success. The “thrill” plants should reach up and have a vertical nature.  They can be in the middle or back of the planter.  The “fill” plants help take up space and are shorter and the “spill” plants are ground-covers and vines that will grow of the pot and dangle down.

After you’ve designed your container garden, consider some of our other garden accessories to brighten your space.  We have citronella candles and bronze torches that take paraffin oil as well as bio-fuel, galvanized metal orb planters for hanging, and trellises for vines and climbers.

But, whatever you do, enjoy the last few days of Spring and have a great summer!

Garden Accessory Items for Sale at the Native Plant Nursery

Ceramic Planters and Bird Baths and Fiber-Clay Planters in the Back

Candles and Wooden Planters for Sale on Top of Errington Reay Courtyard Planters

Errington Reay Planters with 10-Year Frost Proof Guarantee