Herbs and Veggies Available for Native Plant Nursery Meadowside Pick Up

Our online, prepaid native plant nursery orders for meadowside pick up are going well! This week we are processing Round 4 of our orders. We’ve added help with processing the estimates so you’ll now hear from Amy when you submit a quote! Jessica is continuing to place orders with our vendors and help oversee the whole online order and pick up process. She jumps in at all levels and helps with receiving deliveries, sorting plants, troubleshooting orders, helping with plant selections, processing refunds and substitutions, ordering and pulling plants for clients and upcoming jobs and more. Leah helps us 1-2 days a week in the nursery by pulling orders and moving them meadowside for pick up and sorting, organizing and watering plants. I am so thankful for the whole team! Please let us know how your order went! Help us share the word by posting a review on the LGS google page or Facebook!

We hope you are all enjoying more time to garden (we are) and that you and your families are safe and healthy.

The veggies and herbs won’t be added individually to our online shop since they are seasonal. If you are ordering natives on the online shop you can add herbs and veggies by adding a note with how many and what type of herb/veggie you are ordering, only from the list below. If you are not ordering native plants and just want herbs and veggies then please email your plants and quantities to laurensgardens@gmail.com. We’ll send you an invoice. Once it’s paid we’ll pull your order and put it out for Meadowside pick up and will email you to let you know it is ready.

Other Edibles for Sale

Don’t forget that we have lots of patio blueberries (great for containers), Shortcake raspberry, elderberry and serviceberry for sale. If you don’t see them listed on our online shop (we are working diligently to update this) then add them to the note when you submit your order or you can email your order to laurensgardens@gmail.com.



Qty Size Veggie List Retail
15 4inch Matt’s Wild Tomato $4.50
15 4inch Brandywine Yellow $4.50
15 4inch New Girl tomato $4.50
18 3inch Cherokee purple tomato $3.00
9 4inch Amish Paste tomato $3.50
18 4inch Caspian Pink tomato $3.50
18 4inch Big Beef tomato $3.50
18 4inch Sungold tomato $3.50
18 4inch Black Prince tomato $3.50
18 4inch Bradywine red tomato $3.50
18 4inch Purple beauty pepper $3.50
18 4inch King Arthur pepper $3.50
18 4inch Jalapeno $3.50
16 3inch Sugar baby watermelon $3.00
16 3inch Sarah’s Choice cantaloupe $3.00
16 3inch Calypso Cucumber $3.00
16 3inch Burpless cucumber $3.00
18 3inch Cherokee Green tomato $3.00
Herb List
15 4inch Boxwood Basil $4.50
15 4inch Basil sweet italian $4.50
18 4inch Pineapple Sage $3.50
18 4inch Garden Sage $3.50
23 3inch Lemon verbena $3.00
18 4inch Rosemary Hardy Hill $3.50
18 4inch Hidcote Lavender $3.50
18 4inch Munstead lavender $3.50
18 4inch French thyme $3.50
18 4inch Cilantro $3.50
18 4inch Chamomile $3.50
18 4inch Fernleaf dill $3.50
18 4inch Bouquet dill $3.50
18 4inch Lemongrass $3.50
18 4inch Lovage $3.50
18 4inch Nasturtium ‘Alaska Mix’ $3.50