A Project with ‘Curve’ Appeal

Oct 27, 2020 | Blog, Projects

Native Landscape Design and Installation

Here is a wonderful native landscape design by LGS.

For this home in Towson, MD our team had a wonderful pallet to work with.  The client asked for a native landscape design that would both solve her drainage issues and minimize her lawn area.  Of course, she also wanted to have more native plantings in her yard as well. Lauren did a fantastic design, that included a lovely curved pathway leading up to the porch.  Next, the LGS crew installed the design which included many native plants, drainage solutions including permeable pavers, grading and turf grass removal. We also added some upright PA flagstone stepping stone pathways and seeded for shade grass.  Our client was very pleased with the design and install!

Below you will see the landscape design Lauren created, she created a beautiful display of natives with coordinating irregular PA flagstone pathways weaved within and a permeable paver driveway to match the curved walkway.

Lauren's Garden service Native Design

Here are the stunning before and after pictures…

Native Landcape Design and Installation Before and After


Click here it see more of our project before and after shots!

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