Here is a new landscape we installed in Ellicott City this fall. This client had moved into a new house and needed an update in their front landscape.

Let me share the process with you!

1. The client emailed us and asked for an estimate for a new landscape in the front yard. I scheduled a time in the next few days to go over and take a look.

2. I took a look at the property, took pictures and figured out how much sun the front received. I gave the client an estimate on the design cost and the cost of the installation of the new landscape. At this point I received a design deposit, anywhere from $125-$450, depending on the scope of the project.

The design ends up being free when you hire us to install the project! For this particular project, which was the front and right side of a single family home, the fee was $175.


Ellicott City Landscaping

Ellicott City Landscaping Before

3. I recommended the client call a great tree company that we like called Snyder’s Quality Tree Service and have the 2 hemlocks in the front of the house removed. They called and this step was done within 2 weeks!

4. I drew up a sketch of what plants I wanted to use, how many of each and where I wanted to place them all. I also depicted the shape of the edge of the bed. At this point the client reviewed the design and asked for one plant to be changed. We made the changes and emailed the client a finalized price for the installation. At this point the client mailed in a check for 1/3 of the project cost and we got them on our schedule for installation.

Design Sketch

Design Sketch

5. Next we order the plants and hand select them to make sure they are healthy and have the best shape and healthy roots. Once we gather all the necessary materials of best quality then we install the new landscape.

Shrub Removal

Shrub Removal

Below is a breakdown of everything that is included in a new landscape by Lauren’s Garden Service:

  • Professional design by experienced horticulturist selection of the proper plants for the proper location with knowledge and experience with low maintenance and eco-friendly plants, natives and rain gardens
  • Excellent hand selected nursery stock from local places, starting with larger plants – 10 gallon for specimen, 3 gallon of shrubs and 1 gallon for perennials – plant guarantee on shrubs and trees
  • Old shrub removal and hauling
  • Call Miss Utility to mark the utility lines
  • Place and  plant the new plants using proper planting techniques– we do not plant plants too low or crowd them too close together
  • Add fertilizer (all natural) and compost
  • Shape and edge the new beds
  • Plant grass seed on the outside of the newly shaped bed if needed and apply straw
  • Assess and add new plants not included in original design if needed (no extra charge)
  • Plant seasonal flowers by the front entrance and in existing pots
  • Mulch the new beds with good quality double or triple shredded hard wood or pine fines
  • Water everything in really well
Lauren's Garden Service new landscaping

After new landscaping in Ellicott City


Ellicott City Landscaping After

Ellicott City Landscaping After

6. We then email the invoice for the rest of the project (minus the design deposit and the 1/3 project deposit) along with watering instructions and a plant guarantee.

A note on pricing: Most projects can be done for $10/sq ft. The prices can fluctuate based on the quality of the soil, if there is rock or stone in the ground (more than usual), if there are old large shrubs to be removed, etc. This project cost was $2450. An initial estimate that comes before the design phase may shift a bit due to the selection of the plants. The estimate that is emailed when the plant selections are finalized is your final cost.

Lauren is available to answer any questions you have about your new landscape. Lauren’s Garden Service is also available to maintain your new landscape monthly or seasonally for weeding, edging, pruning, mulching, fertilizing, etc.

Why Lauren’s Garden Service?

People are attracted to us for 4 main reasons:

1.Our eco friendly landscapes with our use of natives, pollinator friendly plants, ecological design and rain gardens.

2. Our more garden like landscapes that are colorful, evergreen, all season (something interesting all year long) and low maintenance (easy to care for).

3. Our plant knowledge and gardening skills and experience.

4. Our attention to detail.

The LGS Crew

The LGS Crew