Ellicott City Landscape Renovation

The client asked for a new landscape to replace the previous landscape that was removed for grading and paving.  Two new flagstone patios were installed as well as a retaining wall and deer proof garden bed.



The existing landscape was completely removed. We took out a holly tree that was too close to the house and making the front bed inhospitable with its spiny leaves. The client goals were to have 2 seating areas in the front yard. One for an arbor and another for chairs.

Once all the plants were removed we placed the new plantings and shaped the bed with a nice curve and new edging. Gravel was laid on top of landscape fabric as a base, with PA flagstone on top. This patio is made to be permeable, meaning that rain water soaks into the ground on the patio, it doesn’t run off.

We removed an old cinder block retaining wall and built a new one with PA wall stone. This wall has drainage stone behind it to allow water to move through without pushing the wall forward.


Yellow tickseed, Ballerina thrift, primrose, and phlox were planted around the left patio.

Red twig dogwood, caramel coral bells, and Brandywine foam flower were planted along the side.

In the back, ginger, foam flower, winterberry holly and witch hazel were planted.

Blue eyed grass, shamrock holly, clethra, a red bud, American Dream coreopsis, Ballerina thrift and existing iris were planted around the right patio.

This project took a few weeks to design and 3 days to install. The plantings are mostly native, making this an eco friendly landscape. The 2 patios are permeable so that water infiltrates instead of running off property.