Looking for something great to bloom in the fall that the deer won’t eat? How about some old fashioned mums, also called daisy mums or cutting mums! I first noticed these in a friends garden. They were about 2-3ft tall and wide and thrived in their location. They looked similar to aster novi angliea in growth habit but had the larger flowers of daisies. I’ve been so focused on seasonal mums that I’ve forgotten about the perennials mums!  I did some research and found a fall blooming chrysanthemum that was the original mum before being genetically crossed into the annual mums we buy today. So why not save yourself some money and plant some perennial mums instead of buying new ones every year?!

Here’s what you will need:

1. An open spot in your garden, preferably somewhere you can see from a kitchen window while doing dishes or a living room window that you sit and read at, but anywhere will do!

2. More than 5 hours of sun a day

3. Soil that drains well- if not, amend it with compost before planting

4. Your choice of daisy mums


Plant these guys in the spring to allow their roots to establish, cut them back in July to keep them from getting leggy and enjoy in the fall! Cutting mums are also amazing cut flowers and keep for a long time when clipped and brought inside.

We sell mums and asters during the fall at our native plant nursery in Glenwood, MD!

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