Catonsville Flagstone Patio

Dec 19, 2018 | Blog, Projects

PA Flagstone Patio in Catonsville

This client called us with drainage issues on the side of her house. She developed the design and told us what she wanted. We did a PA fieldstone wall, stone steps, a flagstone patio and a little dry river bed to help intersect water washing onto the area. We wanted the patio to be permeable to allow water to permeate between the joints to help with drainage.

PA Irregular flagstone was used for the patio, with a matching PA wallstone along the side.  Sweetpepper bush were planted behind the wall.  A dry river was installed behind the patio with 1-3″ river rock to collect water coming away from the house.

The last step was to install the laurel mountain steppers.

The finished product! We also planted 3 Hummingbird Clethera- a native shrub that has lovely fragrant flowers in the summer and is great for pollinators.


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