Butterfly Garden in Gaithersburg

Nov 5, 2018 | Blog, Projects

Butterfly Garden in Gaithersburg

We recently did another townhouse backyard makeover in Gaithersburg.  This client was looking for a butterfly garden with a stepping stone walkway and sitting area.  We also included a dry river bed in the back where water would previously tend to pool. Scroll down to see the finished product!

Pollinator Before After

The crew started by removing all the grass in the back yard.

Then they began placing the stone and plants.

We also installed a soaker hose on a timer for this client to help with watering the new garden regularly.

Everything that came out and into this garden went up and down those steps!

The beds were planted with:

‘Merlot’ Redbud- Cercis canadensis
‘Hummingbird’ sweetpepper bush- Clethra alnifolia
Beebalm-Monarda fistulosa
Beautyberry- Callicarpa americana
Winterberry Holly- Ilex verticillata
Red Twig dogwood- Cornus sericia
Butterflyweed- Asclepias tuberosa
Gayfeather- Liatris spicata
Swamp milkweed – Asclepias incarnata
Goldenrod- Solidago rugosa
Purple moss phlox- Phlox subulata
Aster ‘Purple Dome’- Aster novae-angliae
‘Baby Joe’ Joe Pye Weed- Eupatorium purpureum
Pycanthemum mountain mint- Pycanthemum muticum
Black and blue salvia- Salvia nemorosa
Pink Zinnia
White Zinnia
Flame Red Lantana
SunflowersThe patio stone used was Pennsylvania irregular flagstone, with joints that will eventually be filled with moss.

Moss was planted in the dry riverbed as well as in the cracks of the patio. The stone pictured here is a 1-3 and 3-5 inch river jack that we commonly use in drainage solutions to help them look prettier.

An irrigation system was set up with a drip hose for minimal maintenance.

Here is the garden just a few months later!

pollinator garden fall

The garden in fall.  All of the late summer and fall flowers are looking great!


monarch caterpillar

Monarch caterpillar on the butterfly weed, Asclepias turberosa.

monarch chrysalis

Monarch chrysalis on the Joe Pye weed, Eupatorium purpurea.


monarch butterfly

Monarch butterfly in this clients new, native butterfly and pollinator friendly yard!


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