Our Story

Lauren’s Garden Service is dedicated to creating beautiful outdoor spaces for people to enjoy. We take the hard work out of gardening by doing it for you!  In fact, the company was created to offer an environmentally friendly option for garden lovers who just didn’t have time to maintain their own gardens.

Lauren’s Garden Service embraces permaculture practices in all aspects of our gardening and landscaping including plant selection,  fertilizing and soil enhancement, planting and weeding techniques, as well as other installation and maintenance practices.

Our Owner

Lauren Turner - Designer & Horticulturist, Owner-operator of Lauren's Garden Service Lauren Turner is owner, operator and head designer at Lauren’s Garden Service, LLC. Her company focuses on ecologically responsible practices including gardens to help with drainage issues and gardens that use native plants. She has experience designing, installing and maintaining gardens in the Howard County area for 14 years. Lauren received her BS of Horticulture from Penn State and her MS in Herbal Medicine and Nutrition from MUIH. She attends many ecologically responsible plant conferences like New Directions in American Landscapes and the Chesapeake Conservation Landscape Council conferences. She was part of the pilot year for certification of the Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional program and holds her certificate in CBLP Levels 1 and 2 for design, installation and maintenance. Lauren is passionate about plants, connecting people to their outside environment and encouraging environmental stewardship one yard at a time. LGS is an ecologically responsible company that recycles, uses mostly locally native plant material that is locally grown and is a member of the Businesses for the Bay program. Lauren has the experience to ensure that your project is installed according to specifications, in a timely manner, and with care and respect for your property.

“I love learning about plants…I just feel blessed that I can nurture my love and knowledge of plants everyday in many ways to create peaceful spaces, to attract wildlife and beneficial insects as well as to grow edible plants or plants that can be used for medicinal purposes.” –Lauren

One of the things Lauren loves about her work is the satisfaction of putting hard work into improving someone’s garden.  She has continued her education to ensure that she is knowledgeable and up to date on all aspects of her field.  One of the areas that she is passionate about is environmental sustainability.  It’s not only a part of her gardening practices, it’s a part of her life.

“We grow organic fruits and vegetables, raise organic, free range chickens for eggs and meat, buy locally, compost, recycle, use cloth diapers with our babies, save electricity and water and use them consciously.  We also buy from thrift stores, consignment stores, or Craigslist instead of new.” –Lauren

Our Crew

Our crew approaches each job with dedication, care, and consistency.  We ensure that each crew member is well trained on all the critical aspects of garden and landscape maintenance and installation.  They are hard-working and share the owner’s love of plants and gardening.